42 CFR § 435.301 - General rules.

§ 435.301 General rules.

(a) An agency may provide Medicaid to individuals specified in this subpart who:

(1) Either:

(i) Have income that meets the applicable standards in §§ 435.811 and 435.814; or

(ii) If their income is more than allowed under the standard, have incurred medical expenses at least equal to the difference between their income and the applicable income standard; and

(2) Have resources that meet the applicable standards in §§ 435.840 and 435.843.

(b) If the agency chooses this option, the following provisions apply:

(1) The agency must provide Medicaid to the following individuals who meet the requirements of paragraph (a) of this section:

(i) All pregnant women during the course of their pregnancy who, except for income and resources, would be eligible for Medicaid as mandatory or optional categorically needy under subparts B or C of this part;

(ii) All individuals under 18 years of age who, except for income and resources, would be eligible for Medicaid as mandatory categorically needy under subpart B of this part;

(iii) Women who, while pregnant, applied for, were eligible for, and received Medicaid services as medically needy on the day that their pregnancy ends. The agency must provide medically needy eligibility to these women for an extended period following termination of pregnancy. This period extends from the last day of the pregnancy through the end of the month in which a 60-day period, beginning on the last day of pregnancy, ends. Eligibility must be provided, regardless of changes in the woman's financial circumstances that may occur within this extended period. These women are eligible for the extended period for all services under the plan that are pregnancy-related (as defined in § 440.210(c)(1) of this subchapter).

(2) The agency may provide Medicaid to any of the following groups of individuals;

(i) Individuals under age 21 (§ 435.308).

(ii) Parents and other caretaker relatives (§ 435.310).

(iii) Aged (§§ 435.320 and 435.330).

(iv) Blind (§§ 435.322, 435.330 and 435.340).

(v) Disabled (§§ 435.324, 435.330, and 435.340).

(3) If the agency provides Medicaid to any individual in a group specified in paragraph (b)(2) of this section, the agency must provide Medicaid to all individuals eligible to be members of that group.

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