42 CFR § 438.207 - Assurances of adequate capacity and services.

§ 438.207 Assurances of adequate capacity and services.

(a) Basic rule. The State must ensure, through its contracts, that each MCO, PIHP, and PAHP gives assurances to the State and provides supporting documentation that demonstrates that it has the capacity to serve the expected enrollment in its service area in accordance with the State's standards for access to care under this part, including the standards at § 438.68 and § 438.206(c)(1).

(b) Nature of supporting documentation. Each MCO, PIHP, and PAHP must submit documentation to the State, in a format specified by the State, to demonstrate that it complies with the following requirements:

(1) Offers an appropriate range of preventive, primary care, specialty services, and LTSS that is adequate for the anticipated number of enrollees for the service area.

(2) Maintains a network of providers that is sufficient in number, mix, and geographic distribution to meet the needs of the anticipated number of enrollees in the service area.

(c) Timing of documentation. Each MCO, PIHP, and PAHP must submit the documentation described in paragraph (b) of this section as specified by the State, but no less frequently than the following:

(1) At the time it enters into a contract with the State.

(2) On an annual basis.

(3) At any time there has been a significant change (as defined by the State) in the MCO's, PIHP's, or PAHP's operations that would affect the adequacy of capacity and services, including—

(i) Changes in MCO, PIHP, or PAHP services, benefits, geographic service area, composition of or payments to its provider network; or

(ii) Enrollment of a new population in the MCO, PIHP, or PAHP.

(d) State review and certification to CMS. After the State reviews the documentation submitted by the MCO, PIHP, or PAHP, the State must submit an assurance of compliance to CMS that the MCO, PIHP, or PAHP meets the State's requirements for availability of services, as set forth in § 438.68 and § 438.206. The submission to CMS must include documentation of an analysis that supports the assurance of the adequacy of the network for each contracted MCO, PIHP or PAHP related to its provider network.

(e) CMS' right to inspect documentation. The State must make available to CMS, upon request, all documentation collected by the State from the MCO, PIHP, or PAHP.

(f) Applicability date. This section applies to the rating period for contracts with MCOs, PIHPs, and PAHPs beginning on or after July 1, 2018. Until that applicability date, states are required to continue to comply with § 438.207 contained in the 42 CFR parts 430 to 481, edition revised as of October 1, 2015.