42 CFR § 441.10 - Basis.

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§ 441.10 Basis.

This subpart is based on the following sections of the Act which state requirements and limits on the services specified or provide Secretarial authority to prescribe regulations relating to services:

(a) Section 1102 for end-stage renal disease (§ 441.40).

(b) Section 1138(b) for organ procurement organization services (§ 441.13(c)).

(c) Sections 1902(a)(10)(A) and 1905(a)(21) for nurse practitioner services (§ 441.22).

(d) Sections 1902(a)(10)(D) and 1905(a)(7) for home health services (§ 441.15).

(e) Section 1903(i)(1) for organ transplant procedures (§ 441.35).

(f) Section 1903(i)(5) for certain prescribed drugs (§ 441.25).

(g) Section 1903(i)(6) for prohibition (except in emergency situations) of FFP in expenditures for inpatient hospital tests that are not ordered by the attending physician or other licensed practitioner (§ 441.12).

(h) Section 1903(i)(18) for the requirement that each home health agency provide the Medicaid agency with a surety bond (§ 441.16).

(i) Section 1905(a)(4)(C) for family planning (§ 441.20).

(j) Sections 1905 (a)(12) and (e) for optometric services (§ 441.30).

(k) Section 1905(a)(17) for nurse-midwife services (§ 441.21).

(l) Section 1905(a) (following (a)(24)) for prohibition of FFP in expenditures for certain services (§ 441.13).

(m) Section 1905(a)(19) and 1915(g) of the Act for case management services as set forth in § 441.18 and section 8435 of the Technical and Miscellaneous Revenue Act of 1988.

[60 FR 19862, Apr. 21, 1995, as amended at 63 FR 310, Jan. 5, 1998; 72 FR 68092, Dec. 4, 2007]