42 CFR § 482.58 - Special requirements for hospital providers of long-term care services (“swing-beds”).

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§ 482.58 Special requirements for hospital providers of long-term care services (“swing-beds”).

A hospital that has a Medicareprovider agreement must meet the following requirements in order to be granted an approval from CMS to provide post-hospital extended care services, as specified in § 409.30 of this chapter, and be reimbursed as a swing-bed hospital, as specified in § 413.114 of this chapter:

(a)Eligibility. A hospital must meet the following eligibility requirements:

(1) The facility has fewer than 100 hospital beds, excluding beds for newborns and beds in intensive care type inpatient units (for eligibility of hospitals with distinct parts electing the optional reimbursement method, see § 413.24(d)(5) of this chapter).

(2) The hospital is located in a rural area. This includes all areas not delineated as “urbanized” areas by the Census Bureau, based on the most recent census.

(3) The hospital does not have in effect a 24-hour nursing waiver granted under § 488.54(c) of this chapter.

(4) The hospital has not had a swing-bed approval terminated within the two years previous to application.

(b)Skilled nursing facility services. The facility is substantially in compliance with the following skilled nursing facility requirements contained in subpart B of part 483 of this chapter.

(1)Resident rights (§ 483.10(b)(7), (c)(1), (c)(2)(iii), (c)(6), (d), (e)(2), (e)(4), (f)(4)(ii), (f)(4)(iii), (f)(9), (h), (g)(8), (g)(17), and (g)(18) introductory text.

(2) Admission, transfer, and discharge rights (§ 483.5 definition of transfer and discharge, § 483.15(c)(1), (c)(2)(i), (c)(2)(ii), (c)(3), (c)(4), (c)(5), and (c)(7)).

(3) Freedom from abuse, neglect, and exploitation (§ 483.12(a)(1), (a)(2), (a)(3)(i), (a)(3)(ii), (a)(4), (b)(1), (b)(2), (c)).

(4)Patient activities (§ 483.24(c)).

(5) Social services (§ 483.40(d) and 483.70(p)).

(6) Discharge planning (§ 483.20(e)).

(7) Specialized rehabilitative services (§ 483.65).

(8) Dental services (§ 483.55).

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