42 CFR § 493.1826 - Suspension of part of Medicare payments.

§ 493.1826 Suspension of part of Medicare payments.

(a) Application.

(1) CMS may impose this sanction if a laboratory—

(i) Is found to have condition level deficiencies with respect to one or more specialties or subspecialties of tests; and

(ii) Agrees (in return for not having its Medicare approval cancelled immediately) not to charge Medicare beneficiaries or their private insurance carriers for the services for which Medicare payment is suspended.

(2) CMS suspends Medicare payment for those specialities or subspecialties of tests for which the laboratory is out of compliance with Federal requirements.

(b) Procedures. Before imposing this sanction, CMS provides notice of sanction and opportunity to respond in accordance with § 493.1810.

(c) Duration and effect of sanction. This sanction continues until the laboratory corrects the condition level deficiencies or CMS cancels the laboratory's approval to receive Medicare payment for its services, but in no event longer than 12 months.

(1) If the laboratory corrects all condition level deficiencies, CMS resumes Medicare payment effective for all services furnished on or after the date the deficiencies are corrected.

(2) [Reserved]

[57 FR 7237, Feb. 28, 1992; 57 FR 35761, Aug. 11, 1992]