42 CFR § 52a.4 - What information must each application contain?

§ 52a.4 What information must each application contain?

Each application under this part must include detailed information as to the following:

(a) The personnel, facilities, and other resources available to the applicant with which to initiate and maintain the proposed center grants program;

(b) Any research, training, demonstration, or information dissemination activities in which the applicant is currently engaged; the sources of funding for these activities; and the relevance of these activities to the proposed center grants program;

(c) Proposed research, training, demonstration, and information dissemination activities;

(d) The proposed organizational structure of the center and the relationship of the proposed center to the applicant organization(s);

(e) The names and qualifications of the center director and key staff members who would be responsible for conducting the proposed activities;

(f) Proposed methods for monitoring and evaluating individual activities and the overall center program;

(g) Proposed methods for coordinating the center's activities, where appropriate, with similar efforts by other public and private organizations;

(h) The availability of any community resources necessary to carry out proposed activities; and

(i) Efforts to be made to generate and collect income from sources other than NIH to be used to further the purposes of the center program. NIH encourages these efforts. Income may include, but is not limited to, that generated from the sale or rental of products or services produced by grant-supported activities, such as laboratory tests, computer time, and payments received from patients or third parties, where appropriate (the disposition of grant-related income is governed by 45 CFR 75.307);

(j) The proposed budget for the center and a justification for the amount of the grant funds requested; and

(k) Any other information that the Director of the awarding institute may request.

(Approved under OMB Control Number 0925-0001)
[57 FR 61006, Dec. 23, 1992, as amended at 81 FR 3007, Jan. 20, 2016]