42 CFR § 52a.5 - How will NIH evaluate applications?

§ 52a.5 How will NIH evaluate applications?

(a) NIH considers the following in evaluating Center grant applications:

(1) The scientific and technical merit of the proposed program;

(2) The qualifications and experience of the center director and other key personnel;

(3) The statutory and program purposes to be accomplished;

(4) The extent to which the various components of the proposed program would be coordinated into one multi-disciplinary effort within the center;

(5) The extent to which the center's activities would be coordinated with similar efforts by other organizations;

(6) The administrative and managerial capability of the applicant;

(7) The reasonableness of the proposed budget in relation to the proposed program; and

(8) Other factors which the awarding institute, center, or division considers appropriate in light of its particular statutory mission.

(b) Where required by statute or NIH policy, applications are reviewed by appropriate national advisory councils or boards before awards are made. NIH grants may be awarded generally only after approval recommendations from both appropriate scientific peer review groups and national advisory councils or boards.