43 CFR § 44.12 - Who is eligible to receive PILT payments?

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§ 44.12 Who is eligible to receive PILT payments?

(a) Each local government containing entitlement lands may receive a PILT payment.

(b) A local government may not receive a payment for land owned or administered by a State or local government that was exempt from real estate taxes when the land was conveyed to the United States. However, a local government may receive a PILT payment for land when:

(1) A State or local government acquires from a private party to donate to the United States within eight years of acquisition;

(2) A State acquires through an exchange with the United States if the land acquired was entitlement land; or

(3) In the State of Utah, that the United States acquires for Federal land, royalties or other assets if, at the time of acquisition, a local government was entitled to receive payments in lieu of taxes from the State of Utah for the land; provided that the payment to the local government does not exceed the payment the State would have disbursed if the land had not been acquired.