45 CFR § 1357.40 - Direct payments to Indian Tribal Organizations (title IV-B, subpart 1, child welfare services).

§ 1357.40 Direct payments to Indian Tribal Organizations (title IV-B, subpart 1, child welfare services).

(a) Who may apply for direct funding? Any Indian Tribal Organization (ITO) that meets the definitions in section 428(c) of the Act, or any consortium or other group of eligible Tribal organizations authorized by the membership of the Tribes to act for them is eligible to apply for direct funding if the ITO, consortium or group has a plan for child welfare services that is jointly developed by the ITO and the Department.

(b) Title IV-B Child and Family Services Plan (CFSP).

(1) In order to receive funds under title IV-B, subpart 1, beginning in FY 1995, the Indian Tribe or Tribal organization must have in effect an approved five-year child and family services plan that meets the applicable requirements of § 1357.15 of this part.

(2) The Indian Tribe or Tribal organization must also comply with section 422(b)(1-8) of the Act; 45 CFR part 1355 (except that the requirements in § 1355.30 for a single Tribal agency and Governor's review of the CFSP do not apply); and other applicable requirements of §§ 1357.10 and 1357.16.

(c) Information related to the requirements of Section 422(b)(9) of the Act. The following information must be submitted with the assurances required to be eligible for title IV-B, subpart 1 funds:

(1) A description of the arrangements, jointly developed with the State, made for the provision of the child welfare services and protections in section 422(b)(9) to Indian children under both State and Tribal jurisdiction;

(2) A statement of the legal responsibility, if any, for children who are in foster care on the reservation and those awaiting adoption;

(3) A description of Tribal jurisdiction in civil and criminal matters, existence or nonexistence of a Tribal court and the type of court and codes, if any;

(4) An identification of the standards for foster family homes and institutional care and day care;

(5) The Indian Tribal organization's political subdivisions, if any;

(6) Whether the Tribal organization is controlled, sanctioned or chartered by the governing body of Indians to be served and if so, documentation of that fact;

(7) Any limitations on authorities granted to the Indian Tribal organizations; and

(8) The Tribal resolution(s) authorizing an application for a direct title IV-B, subpart 1 grant under this Part.

(d) Grants: General.

(1) Grants may be made to eligible Indian Tribal organizations in a State which has a jointly developed child and family services plan approved and in effect.

(2) Federal funds made available for a direct grant to an eligible ITO shall be paid by the Department, from the title IV-B allotment for the State in which the ITO is located. Should a direct grant be approved, the Department shall promptly notify the State(s) affected.

(3) If an eligible ITO includes population from more than one State, a proportionate amount of the grant will be paid from each State's allotment.

(4) The receipt of title IV-B funds must be in addition to and not a substitute for funds otherwise previously expended by the ITO for child welfare services.

(5) The following fiscal and administrative requirements apply to Indian Tribal grants under this section:

(i) Enforcement and termination. In the event of an Indian Tribe's failure to comply with the terms of the grant under title IV-B, subpart 1, the provisions of 45 CFR 75.371 through 75.372 will apply.

(ii) Matching or cost-sharing. Federal financial participation is available only if costs are incurred in implementing sections 422, 423, and 425 of the Act in accordance with the grants administration requirements of 45 CFR part 75 with the following conditions—

(A) The ITO's contribution may be in cash, donated funds, and non-public third party in-kind contributions.

(B) The total of Federal funds used for the following purposes under title IV-B, subpart 1 may not exceed an amount equal to the FY 1979 Federal payment under title IV-B:

(1) Child day care necessary solely because of the employment, or training to prepare for employment, of a parent or other relative with whom the child involved is living, plus;

(2) Foster care maintenance payments, plus;

(3) Adoption assistance payments.

(C) Notwithstanding paragraph (d)(5)(ii)(B) of this section, Tribal expenditures required to match the title IV-B, subpart 1 allotment may include foster care maintenance expenditures in any amount.

(iii) Prohibition against purchase or construction of facilities. Funds awarded under title IV-B may not be used for the purchase or construction of facilities.

(iv) Time limit on expenditures. Funds under title IV-B, subpart 1, must be expended by September 30 of the fiscal year following the fiscal year in which the funds were awarded.

(6) In order to determine the amount of Federal funds available for a direct grant to an eligible ITO, the Department shall first divide the State's title IV-B allotment by the number of children in the State, then multiply the resulting amount by a multiplication factor determined by the Secretary, and then multiply that amount by the number of Indian children in the ITO population. The multiplication factor will be set at a level designed to achieve the purposes of the act and revised as appropriate.

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