45 CFR § 235.62 - State plan requirements for training programs.

§ 235.62 State plan requirements for training programs.

A State plan under title I, IV-A, X, XIV, or XVI (AABD) of the Act must provide for a training program for agency personnel. The training program must:

(a) Include initial in-service training for newly appointed staff, and continuing agency training opportunities to improve the operation of the program. The training program may also include short-term and long-term training at educational institutions through grants to institutions or by direct financial assistance to students enrolled in institutions who are agency employees or persons preparing for employment with the State or local agency;

(b) Be related to job duties performed or to be performed by the persons trained, and be consistent with the program objectives of the agency; and

(c) Be described in an annual training plan prepared prior to the beginning of the fiscal year. Copies of the training plan shall be made available upon request to the Regional Office of Family Assistance for review by the Federal staff.

[45 FR 29833, May 6, 1980, as amended at 46 FR 29264, June 1, 1981]