46 CFR § 10.209 - General application procedures.

§ 10.209 General application procedures.

(a) The applicant for an MMC, whether for an original, renewal, duplicate, raise of grade, or a new endorsement on a previously issued MMC, must establish that he or she satisfies all the requirements for the MMC and endorsement(s) sought before the Coast Guard will issue the MMC. This section contains the general requirements for all applicants. Additional requirements for duplicates, renewals, new endorsements, and raises of grade appear later in this part.

(b) The Coast Guard may refuse to process an incomplete MMC application. The requirements for a complete application for an original MMC are contained in § 10.225 of this part, the requirements for a renewal MMC application are contained in § 10.227 of this part, the requirements for a duplicate MMC application are contained in § 10.229 of this part, and the requirements for an application for a new endorsement or raise of grade are contained in § 10.231 of this part.

(c) Applications are valid for 12 months from the date that the Coast Guard approves the application.

(d) The application may be submitted in person, by mail, fax, or other electronic means. A complete MMC application, which is described in §§ 10.223, 10.225, 10.227, 10.229, and 10.231 may include -

(1) The application, consent for National Driver Register (NDR) check, and notarized oath on Coast Guard-furnished forms, and the evaluation fee required by § 10.219 of this part;

(2) The applicant's continuous discharge book, certificate of identification, MMD, MMC, license, STCW endorsement, Certificate of Registry (COR), or, if it has not expired, a photocopy of the credential, including the back and all attachments;

(3) Proof, documented on CG-719K or CG-719K/E, as appropriate, that the applicant passed the applicable vision, hearing, medical, or physical exam as required by subpart C of this part, or an unexpired medical certificate issued by the Coast Guard;

(4) Copies of course completion certificates or other evidence of course completion;

(5) Evidence of sea service, or an accepted substitute for sea service, if required;

(6) For an endorsement as a medical doctor or professional nurse as required in § 11.807 of this subchapter, evidence that the applicant holds a currently valid, appropriate license as physician, surgeon, or registered nurse, issued under the authority of a state or territory of the United States, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or the District of Columbia. Any MMC issued will retain any limitation associated with the medical license;

(7) Any certificates or other supplementary materials required to show that the mariner meets the mandatory requirements for the specific endorsement sought, as established in parts 11, 12 or 13 of this subchapter; and

(8) An open-book exercise, in accordance with § 10.227(e)(1) of this part.

(e) The following requirements must be satisfied before an original or renewal MMC, or new endorsement or a raise of grade added to a previously issued MMC, will be issued. These materials will be added to the individual's record by the Coast Guard:

(1) Determination of safety and suitability. No MMC will be issued as an original or reissued with a new expiration date, and no new officer endorsement will be issued if the applicant fails the criminal record review as set forth in § 10.211 of this part.

(2) NDR review. No MMC will be issued as an original or reissued with a new expiration date, and no new officer endorsement will be issued if the applicant fails the NDR review as set forth in § 10.213 of this part.

(3) Information supplied by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). No MMC or endorsement will be issued until the Coast Guard receives the following information from the applicant's TWIC enrollment: the applicant's fingerprints, FBI number and criminal record (if applicable), photograph, proof of citizenship, or Nationality with proof of legal resident status (if applicable). If the information is not available from TSA, the mariner may be required to visit a Regional Exam Center or a TWIC enrollment center to provide this information.

(f) Upon determining that the applicant satisfactorily meets all requirements for an MMC or an endorsement thereon, the Coast Guard will issue the properly endorsed MMC to the applicant. The Coast Guard will not issue an MMC until it has received proof that the mariner holds a valid TWIC.

(g) When a new MMC is issued, the mariner must return any previously issued and unexpired MMC, license, MMD, COR, or STCW endorsement to the Coast Guard, unless the new MMC is being issued to replace a lost or stolen credential.

(h) No MMC will be issued if the applicant fails a chemical test for dangerous drugs as required in §§ 10.223, 10.225(b)(5), 10.227(d)(5), and 10.231(c)(6).

(i) Ceremonial licenses. A mariner may obtain a ceremonial license when applying for his or her credential or Document of Continuity.

[USCG-2004-17914, 78 FR 77888, Dec. 24, 2013, as amended by USCG-2018-0874, 84 FR 30881, June 28, 2019]

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