47 CFR § 0.3 - The Chairman.

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§ 0.3 The Chairman.

(a) One of the members of the Commission is designated by the President to serve as Chairman, or chief executive officer, of the Commission. As Chairman, he has the following duties and responsibilities:

(1) To preside at all meetings and sessions of the Commission.

(2) To represent the Commission in all matters relating to legislation and legislative reports; however, any other Commissioner may present his own or minority views or supplemental reports.

(3) To represent the Commission in all matters requiring conferences or communications with other governmental officers, departments or agencies.

(4) To coordinate and organize the work of the Commission in such a manner as to promote prompt and efficient disposition of all matters within the jurisdiction of the Commission.

(b) The Commission will, in the case of a vacancy in the Office of the Chairman of the Commission, or in the absence or inability of the Chairman to serve, temporarily designate one of its members to act as Chairman until the cause or circumstance requiring such designation has been eliminated or corrected.

[32 FR 10569, July 19, 1967]

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