47 CFR 1.1604 - Post-selection hearings.

§ 1.1604 Post-selection hearings.

(a) Following the random selection, the Commission shall announce the “tentative selectee” and, where permitted by § 73.3584 invite Petitions to Deny its application.

(b) If, after such hearing as may be necessary, the Commission determines that the “tentative selectee” has met the requirements of § 73.3591(a) it will make the appropriate grant. If the Commission is unable to make such a determination, it shall order that another random selection be conducted from among the remaining mutually exclusive applicants, in accordance with the provisions of this subpart.

(c) If, on the basis of the papers before it, the Commission determines that a substantial and material question of fact exists, it shall designate that question for hearing. Hearings may be conducted by the Commission or, in the case of a matter which requires oral testimony for its resolution, an Administrative Law Judge.

[ 48 FR 27202, June 13, 1983, as amended at 63 FR 48622, Sept. 11, 1998]