47 CFR § 63.19 - Special procedures for discontinuances of international services.

§ 63.19 Special procedures for discontinuances of international services.

(a) With the exception of those international carriers described in paragraphs (b) and (c) of this section, any international carrier that seeks to discontinue, reduce, or impair service, including the retiring of international facilities, dismantling or removing of international trunk lines, shall be subject to the following procedures in lieu of those specified in §§ 63.61 through 63.602:

(1) The carrier shall notify all affected customers of the planned discontinuance, reduction or impairment at least 30 days prior to its planned action. Notice shall be in writing to each affected customer unless the Commission authorizes in advance, for good cause shown, another form of notice.

(2) The carrier shall file with this Commission a copy of the notification on the date on which notice has been given to all affected customers. The filing may be made by letter (sending an original and five copies to the Office of the Secretary, and a copy to the Chief, Office of International Affairs) and shall identify the geographic areas of the planned discontinuance, reduction or impairment and the authorization(s) pursuant to which the carrier provides service.

(b) The following procedures shall apply to any international carrier that the Commission has classified as dominant in the provision of a particular international service because the carrier possesses market power in the provision of that service on the U.S. end of the route. Any such carrier that seeks to retire international facilities, dismantle or remove international trunk lines, but does not discontinue, reduce or impair the dominant services being provided through these facilities, shall only be subject to the notification requirements of paragraph (a) of this section. If such carrier discontinues, reduces or impairs the dominant service, or retires facilities that impair or reduce the service, the carrier shall file an application pursuant to §§ 63.62 and 63.500.

(c) Commercial Mobile Radio Service (CMRS) carriers, as defined in § 20.9 of this chapter, are not subject to the provisions of this section.

(d) Subject to the availability of electronic forms, all filings described in this section must be filed electronically through the International Communications Filing System (ICFS). A list of forms that are available for electronic filing can be found on the ICFS homepage. For information on electronic filing requirements, see §§ 1.1000 through 1.10018 of this chapter and the ICFS homepage at https://www.fcc.gov/icfs. See also §§ 63.20 and 63.53.

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