47 CFR § 76.1610 - Change of operational information.

§ 76.1610 Change of operational information.

The Operator shall inform the Commission on FCC Form 324 whenever there is a change of cable television system operator; change of legal name, change of the operator's mailing address or FCC Registration Number (FRN); or change in the operational status of a cable television system. Notification must be done within 30 days from the date the change occurs and must include the following information, as appropriate:

(a) The legal name of the operator and whether the operator is an individual, private association, partnership, corporation, or government entity. See § 76.5(cc). If the operator is a partnership, the legal name of the partner responsible for communications with the Commission shall be supplied;

(b) The assumed name (if any) used for doing business in each community;

(c) The physical address, including zip code, and e-mail address, if applicable, to which all communications are to be directed;

(d) The nature of the operational status change (e.g., operation terminated, merged with another system, inactive, deleted, etc.);

(e) The names and FCC identifiers (e.g., CA 0001) of the system communities affected.

Note 1 to § 76.1610:

FCC system community identifiers are routinely assigned upon registration. They have been assigned to all reported system communities based on previous Form 325 data. If a system community in operation prior to March 31, 1972, has not previously been assigned a system community identifier, the operator shall provide the following information in lieu of the identifier: Community Name, Community Type (i.e., incorporated town, unincorporated settlement, etc.), County Name, State, Operator Legal Name, Operator Assumed Name for Doing Business in the Community, Operator Mail Address, and Year and Month service was first provided by the physical system.

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