47 CFR § 95.933 - Prohibited CBRS uses.

§ 95.933 Prohibited CBRS uses.

In addition to the prohibited uses set forth in § 95.333, the operator of a CBRS station must not use a CBRS station:

(a) To transmit one-way communications other than those permitted in § 95.931(b) (transmissions to seek to initiate two-way communications with another station are not considered to be one-way communications);

(b) To advertise or solicit the sale of any goods or services;

(c) To advertise a political candidate or political campaign (a CBRS station may be used for the business or organizational aspects of a campaign);

(d) To communicate with stations in other countries, except General Radio Service stations in Canada;

(e) To transmit communications for live or delayed broadcast on a radio or television broadcast station (a CBRS station may be used to gather news items or to prepare programs);

(f) To transmit music, whistling, sound effects or any other audio material to amuse or entertain; or

(g) To transmit any sound effects solely to attract attention.