48 CFR § 13.101 - General.

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13.101 General.

(a) In making purchases, contracting officers shall—

(1) Comply with the policy in 7.202 relating to economic purchase quantities, when practicable;

(2) Satisfy the procedures described in subpart 19.6 with respect to Certificates of Competency before rejecting a quotation, oral or written, from a small business concern determined to be nonresponsible (see subpart 9.1); and

(3) Provide for the inspection of supplies or services as prescribed in 46.404.

(b) In making purchases, contracting officers should—

(1) Include related items (such as small hardware items or spare parts for vehicles) in one solicitation and make award on an “all-or-none” or “multiple award” basis provided suppliers are so advised when quotations or offers are requested;

(2) Incorporate provisions and clauses by reference in solicitations and in awards under requests for quotations, provided the requirements in 52.102 are satisfied;

(3) Make maximum effort to obtain trade and prompt payment discounts (see 14.408-3). Prompt payment discounts shall not be considered in the evaluation of quotations; and

(4) Use bulk funding to the maximum extent practicable. Bulk funding is a system whereby the contracting officer receives authorization from a fiscal and accounting officer to obligate funds on purchase documents against a specified lump sum of funds reserved for the purpose for a specified period of time rather than obtaining individual obligational authority on each purchase document. Bulk funding is particularly appropriate if numerous purchases using the same type of funds are to be made during a given period.

[62 FR 64917, Dec. 9, 1997, as amended at 64 FR 72418, Dec. 27, 1999]