49 CFR § 1.82 - The Federal Aviation Administration.

§ 1.82 The Federal Aviation Administration.

Is responsible for:

(a) Promulgating and enforcing regulations on all safety matters relating to the operation of airports, the manufacture, operation, and maintenance of aircraft, and the efficiency of the National Airspace System;

(b) Planning and supporting the development of an integrated national system of airports, with due consideration of safety, capacity, efficiency, environmental compatibility and sustainability;

(c) Administering federal financial assistance programs for airports including airport grants-in-aid;

(d) Preserving and enhancing the safety and efficiency of the Nation's air transportation system by implementing NextGen and other technologies, as appropriate;

(e) Registering aircraft and recording rights in aircraft;

(f) Developing, modifying, testing, and evaluating systems, procedures, facilities, and devices needed for the safe and efficient navigation and traffic control of aircraft;

(h) Locating, constructing or installing, maintaining and operating Federal aids to air navigation, wherever necessary;

(i) Developing air traffic regulations, and administering air navigation services for control of civil and military air operations within U.S. airspace, as well as administering such air navigation services as the FAA has accepted responsibility for providing in international airspace and the airspace of foreign countries;

(j) Promoting aviation safety and efficiency through technical aviation assistance to foreign aviation authorities;

(k) Developing strategies to improve runway safety at all commercial service airports;

(l) Administering the Continuous Lower Energy, Emissions and Noise program, improving connections to surface transportation, and other efforts to increase the environmental sustainability of the Nation's air transportation systems;

(m) Conducting an effective airport technology research program to improve airport safety, efficiency, and sustainability;

(n) Exercising the final authority for carrying out all functions, powers, and duties of the Administration in accordance with 49 U.S.C. 106(f) and adjudication in accordance with 49 U.S.C. 40110(d) and that such authorities supersede any conflicting provisions elsewhere in this part.

(o) Promoting and encouraging U.S. leadership in commercial space activities, and promulgating and enforcing regulations on safety matters relating to commercial space transportation.