49 CFR § 107.807 - Approval of non-domestic chemical analyses and tests.

§ 107.807 Approval of non-domestic chemical analyses and tests.

(a) General. A person who seeks to manufacture DOT specification or special permit cylinders outside the United States must seek an approval from the Associate Administrator to perform the chemical analyses and tests of those cylinders outside the United States.

(b) Application for approval. Each applicant must submit an application containing the information prescribed in § 107.705(a). In addition, the application must contain -

(1) The name, address, and a description of each facility at which cylinders are to be manufactured and chemical analyses and tests are to be performed;

(2) Complete details concerning the dimensions, materials of construction, wall thickness, water capacity, shape, type of joints, location and size of openings and other pertinent physical characteristics of each specification or special permit cylinder for which approval is being requested, including calculations for cylinder wall stress and wall thickness, which may be shown on a drawing or on separate sheets attached to a descriptive drawing;

(3) The name of the independent inspection agency to be used to certify the analyses and tests and a statement from the agency indicating that it is independent of and not owned by a cylinder manufacturer, owner, or distributor; and

(4) The signature of the person making the certification and the date on which it was signed.

(c) Facility inspections. Upon the request of the Associate Administrator, the applicant must allow the Associate Administrator or the Associate Administrator's designee to inspect the applicant's cylinder manufacturing and testing facilities and records, and must provide such materials and cylinders for analyses and tests as the Associate Administrator may specify. The applicant or holder must bear the cost of the initial and subsequent inspections, analyses, and tests.

[67 FR 51639, Aug. 8, 2002, as amended at 81 FR 35513, June 2, 2016]