49 CFR § 107.809 - Conditions of UN pressure receptacle approvals.

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§ 107.809 Conditions of UN pressure receptacle approvals.

(a) Each approval issued under this subpart contains the following conditions:

(1) Upon the request of the Associate Administrator, the applicant or holder must allow the Associate Administrator or the Associate Administrator's designee to inspect the applicant's pressure receptacle manufacturing and testing facilities and records, and must provide such materials and pressure receptacles for analyses and tests as the Associate Administrator may specify. The applicant or holder must bear the cost of the initial and subsequent inspections, analyses, and tests.

(2) Each holder must comply with all of the terms and conditions stated in the approval letter issued under this subpart.

(b) In addition to the conditions specified in § 107.713, an approval may be denied or if issued, suspended or terminated if the Competent Authority of the country of manufacture fails to initiate, maintain or recognize an IIA approved under this subpart; fails to recognize UN standard packagings manufactured in accordance with this subchapter; or implements a condition or limitation on United States citizens or organizations that is not required of its own citizenry.

[71 FR 33874, June 12, 2006]