49 CFR § 178.338-2 - Material.

§ 178.338-2 Material.

(a) All material used in the construction of a tank and its appurtenances that may come in contact with the lading must be compatible with the lading to be transported. All material used for tank pressure parts must conform to the requirements in Section II of the ASME Code (IBR, see § 171.7 of this subchapter). All material used for evacuated jacket pressure parts must conform to the chemistry and steelmaking practices of one of the material specifications of Section II of the ASME Code or the following ASTM Specifications (IBR, see § 171.7 of this subchapter): A 242, A 441, A 514, A 572, A 588, A 606, A 633, A 715, A 1008/A 1008M, A 1011/A 1011M.

(b) All tie-rods, mountings, and other appurtenances within the jacket and all piping, fittings and valves must be of material suitable for use at the lowest temperature to be encountered.

(c) Impact tests are required on all tank materials, except materials that are excepted from impact testing by the ASME Code, and must be performed using the procedure prescribed in Section VIII of the ASME Code.

(d) The direction of final rolling of the shell material must be the circumferential orientation of the tank shell.

(e) Each tank constructed in accordance with part UHT in Section VIII of the ASME Code must be postweld heat treated as a unit after completion of all welds to the shell and heads. Other tanks must be postweld heat treated as required in Section VIII of the ASME Code. For all tanks the method must be as prescribed in the ASME Code. Welded attachments to pads may be made after postweld heat treatment.

(f) The fabricator shall record the heat and slab numbers and the certified Charpy impact values of each plate used in the tank on a sketch showing the location of each plate in the shell and heads of the tank. A copy of the sketch must be provided to the owner of the cargo tank and a copy must be retained by the fabricator for at least five years and made available, upon request, to any duly identified representative of the Department.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2137-0017)
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