49 CFR § 543.5 - Petition: General requirements.

§ 543.5 Petition: General requirements.

(a) For each model year, a manufacturer may petition NHTSA for an exemption of one car line from the requirements of part 541 of this chapter. However, for car lines not subject to the requirements of part 541 of this chapter until September 1, 2006, a manufacturer may not petition NHTSA for an exemption for model years before model year 2006.

(b) Each petition filed under this part for an exemption must -

(1) Be written in the English language;

(2) Be submitted in three copies to: Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE., Washington, DC 20590.

(3) State the full name and address of the petitioner, the nature of its organization (individual, partnership, corporation, etc.), and the name of the State or country under the laws of which it is organized;

(4) Be submitted at least 8 months before the commencement of production of the lines specified under paragraph (5) of § 543.5(b) for the first model year in which the petitioner wishes those lines to be exempted, and identify that model year;

(5) Identify the passenger motor vehicle line or lines for which exemption is sought;

(6) Identify whether the exemption is sought under § 543.6 or § 543.7.

(7) If the exemption is sought under § 543.6, set forth in full the data, views, and arguments of the petitioner supporting the exemption, including the information specified in that section.

(8) If the exemption is sought under § 543.7, submission of the information required in that section.

(9) Specify and segregate any part of the information or data submitted that the petitioner requests be withheld from public disclosure in accordance with part 512, Confidential Business Information, of this chapter.

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