49 CFR Subpart I - Subpart I—Protection Against Shifting and Falling Cargo

  1. § 393.100 Which types of commercial motor vehicles are subject to the cargo securement standards of this subpart, and what general requirements apply?
  2. § 393.102 What are the minimum performance criteria for cargo securement devices and systems?
  3. § 393.104 What standards must cargo securement devices and systems meet in order to satisfy the requirements of this subpart?
  4. § 393.106 What are the general requirements for securing articles of cargo?
  5. § 393.108 How is the working load limit of a tiedown, or the load restraining value of a friction mat, determined?
  6. § 393.110 What else do I have to do to determine the minimum number of tiedowns?
  7. § 393.112 Must a tiedown be adjustable?
  8. § 393.114 What are the requirements for front end structures used as part of a cargo securement system?
67 FR 61225, Sept. 27, 2002, unless otherwise noted.