5 CFR § 250.205 - Human Capital Operating Plan (HCOP).

Each agency must develop a Human Capital Operating Plan (HCOP) that aligns with an agency's Strategic Plan and Annual Performance Plan. The HCOP is to be reviewed and approved annually, and updated as needed. The HCOP must demonstrate how an agency's human capital implementation strategies follow the principles and standards of the HCF while including an explanation of how human capital policies, initiatives, objectives, and resources will be used to achieve agencies' human capital goals. The HCOP will be made available to OPM upon request. The HCOP must -

(a) Be established by the CHCO, in collaboration with the agency's senior management team;

(b) Be used to support the execution of an agency's strategic plan, as an agency's human capital can affect whether or not a strategy or strategic goal is achieved;

(c) Explicitly describe the agency-specific skill and competency gaps that must be closed through the use of agency selected human capital strategies;

(d) Include annual human capital performance goals and measures that will support the evaluation of the agency's human capital strategies, through HRStat quarterly reviews, and that are aligned to support mission accomplishment;

(e) Reflect the systems and standards defined in § 250.203 above, consistent with their agency strategic plan and annual performance plan, to address strategic human capital priorities and goals; and

(f) Address the governmentwide priorities identified in the Federal Workforce Strategic Priorities Report.