50 CFR § 17.52 - Permits - similarity of appearance.

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§ 17.52 Permits - similarity of appearance.

Upon receipt of a complete application and unless otherwise indicated in a rule found at §§ 17.40 through 17.48, §§ 17.73 through 17.78, or §§ 17.84 through 17.86, the Director may issue permits for any activity otherwise prohibited with a species designated as endangered or threatened due to its similarity of appearance. Such a permit may authorize a single transaction, a series of transactions, or a number of activities over a specified period of time.

(a) Application requirements. An application for a permit under this section must be submitted to the Director by the person who wishes to engage in the prohibited activity. The permit for activities involving interstate commerce of plants must be obtained by the seller; in the case of wildlife, the permit must be obtained by the buyer. The application must be submitted on an official application form (Form 3-200) provided by the Service, or must contain the general information and certification required by § 13.12(a) of this subchapter. It must include, as an attachment, all of the following information: Documentary evidence, sworn affidavits, or other information to show species identification and the origin of the wildlife or plant in question. This information may be in the form of hunting licenses, hide seals, official stamps, export documents, bills of sales, certification, expert opinion, or other appropriate information.

(b) Issuance criteria. Upon receiving an application completed in accordance with paragraph (a) of this section, the Director will decide whether or not a permit should be issued. In making his decision, the Director shall consider, in addition to the general criteria, in § 13.21(b) of this subchapter, the following factors:

(1) Whether the information submitted by the applicant appears reliable;

(2) Whether the information submitted by the applicant adequately identifies the wildlife or plant in question so as to distinguish it from any Endangered or Threatened wildlife or plant.

(c) Permit conditions. In addition to the general conditions set forth in part 13 of this subchapter, every permit issued under this section shall be subject to the following special conditions:

(1) If indicated in the permit, a special mark, to be specified in the permit, must be applied to the wildlife or plant, and remain for the time designated in the permit;

(2) A copy of the permit or an identification label, which includes the scientific name and the permit number, must accompany the wildlife or plant or its container during the course of any activity subject to these regulations.

(d) Duration of permits. The duration of a permit issued under this section shall be designated on the face of the permit.

[42 FR 32377, June 24, 1977, as amended at 81 FR 51605, Aug. 4, 2016]

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