50 CFR § 221.31 - What are the powers of the ALJ?

§ 221.31 What are the powers of the ALJ?

The ALJ will have all powers necessary to conduct a fair, orderly, expeditious, and impartial hearing process relating to NOAA's or any other Department's condition or prescription that has been referred to the ALJ for hearing, including the powers to:

(a) Administer oaths and affirmations;

(b) Issue subpoenas under § 221.47;

(c) Shorten or enlarge time periods set forth in these regulations, except that the deadline in § 221.60(a)(2) can be extended only if the ALJ must be replaced under § 221.32 or 221.33;

(d) Rule on motions;

(e) Authorize discovery as provided for in this subpart;

(f) Hold hearings and conferences;

(g) Regulate the course of hearings;

(h) Call and question witnesses;

(i) Exclude any person from a hearing or conference for misconduct or other good cause;

(j) Summarily dispose of any hearing request or issue as to which the ALJ determines there is no disputed issue of material fact;

(k) Issue a decision consistent with § 221.60(b) regarding any disputed issue of material fact; and

(l) Take any other action authorized by law.