50 CFR § 520.4 - Availability of materials.

§ 520.4 Availability of materials.

(a) All non-exempt materials shall be available for inspection during normal business hours at the Commission offices, 1625 I Street, NW., Room 307, Washington, DC. Space shall be made available at that location for the use of any person who is granted permission to inspect such materials.

(b) Requests to inspect, and obtain copies of, any material maintained by the Commission may be made in person at the Commission offices, or submitted in writing to the Executive Director, Marine Mammal Commission, 1625 I St., NW., Room 307, Washington, DC 20006. Each request should include a reasonable description of the material being sought, and should contain sufficient detail to facilitate retrieval of the material without undue delay. The Commission staff shall assist to the extent practicable in identifying material that is imprecisely described by the person requesting such material.

(c) An initial determination whether, and to what extent, to grant each request shall be made by the General Counsel or his delegate within 10 days (excepting Saturdays, Sundays, and legal public holidays) after receipt of that request. The person making the request shall be notified immediately of the determination made. In making such determinations, it shall first be considered whether the material requested is of a type described in § 520.2(a); if it is, the request shall be granted unless the material is exempted by § 520.2(b). If the material requested is not of a type described in § 520.2(a), or is the subject of one or more exemptions, the request shall be denied.

(d) If a determination is made to grant a request, the relevant material shall promptly be made available for inspection at the Commission offices. Copies of the material disclosed shall be furnished within a reasonable time after payment of the fee specified in § 520.7. Copies of less than 10 pages of material requested in person ordinarily will be furnished immediately following the determination to grant the request and payment of the fee. Larger numbers of copies may be furnished at the earliest convenience of the Commission staff, but must be furnished within a reasonable time following payment of the fee.

(e) Whenever required to prevent a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy, the General Counsel or his delegate shall determine that identifying details shall be deleted from an opinion, statement of policy, interpretation, or staff manual or instruction to which access is granted or of which copies are furnished. Where portions of the requested material are exempt under § 520.2(b), and are reasonably segregable from the remainder of the material, those portions shall be excised from the material disclosed. Whenever details are deleted or portions are excised and not disclosed, the notification shall include the information specified in § 520.4(f).

(f) If a determination is made to deny a request, the notification shall include a statement of the reasons for such action, shall set forth the name and position of the person responsible for the denial, and shall advise the requester of the right, and the procedures required under § 520.5, to appeal the denial to the Director.