7 CFR § 319.40-9 - Inspection and other requirements at port of first arrival.

§ 319.40-9 Inspection and other requirements at port of first arrival.

(a) Procedures for all regulated articles.

(1) All imported regulated articles shall be inspected at the port of first arrival. If the inspector finds signs of plant pests on or in the regulated article, or finds that the regulated article may have been associated with other articles infested with plant pests, the regulated article shall be cleaned or treated as required by an inspector, and the regulated article and any products of the regulated article shall also be subject to reinspection, cleaning, and treatment at the option of an inspector at any time and place before all applicable requirements of this subpart have been accomplished.

(2) Regulated articles shall be assembled for inspection at the port of first arrival, or at any other place prescribed by an inspector, at a place and time and in a manner designated by an inspector.

(3) If an inspector finds that an imported regulated article is so infested with a plant pest that, in the judgment of the inspector, the regulated article cannot be cleaned or treated, or contains soil or other prohibited contaminants, the entire lot may be refused entry into the United States.

(4) No person shall move any imported regulated article from the port of first arrival unless and until an inspector notifies the person, in writing or through an electronic database, that the regulated article:

(i) Is in compliance with all applicable regulations and has been inspected and found to be apparently free of plant pests; 2 or,

2 Certain regulated articles may also be subject to “Subpart L - Fruits and Vegetables,” or to the noxious weed regulations under part 360 of this chapter, or to Endangered Species Act regulations under parts 355 and 356 of this chapter and 50 CFR parts 17 and 23.

(ii) Has been inspected and the inspector requires reinspection, cleaning, or treatment of the regulated article at a place other than the port of first arrival.

(b) Notice of arrival; visual examination of regulated articles at port of first arrival.

(1) At least 7 days prior to the expected date of arrival in the United States of a shipment of regulated articles imported in accordance with this subpart, the permittee or his or her agent must notify the APHIS Officer in Charge at the port of arrival of the date of expected arrival. The address and telephone number of the APHIS Officer in Charge will be specified in any specific permit issued by APHIS 3. This notice may be by any authorized method. The notice must include the number of any specific permit issued for the regulated articles; the name, if any, of the means of conveyance carrying the regulated articles; the type and quantity of the regulated articles; the expected date of arrival; the country of origin of the regulated articles; the name and the number, if any, of the dock or area where the regulated articles are to be unloaded; and the name of the importer or broker at the port of arrival.

3 A list of APHIS Officers in Charge may be obtained from the Administrator, c/o Port Operations, Plant Protection and Quarantine, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, 4700 River Road, Riverdale, MD 20737.

(2) Imported regulated articles which have been debarked in accordance with § 319.40-7(b) and can be safely and practically inspected will be visually examined for plant pests by an inspector at the port of first arrival. If plant pests are found on or in the regulated articles or if the regulated article cannot be safely and practically inspected, the regulated articles must be treated in accordance with part 305 of this chapter.

(c) Marking and identity of regulated articles. Any regulated article, at the time of importation shall bear on the outer container (if in a container), on the regulated article (if not in a container), or on a document accompanying the regulated article the following information:

(1) General nature and quantity of the regulated articles;

(2) Country and locality, if known, where the tree from which the regulated article was derived was harvested;

(3) Name and address of the person importing the regulated article;

(4) Name and address of consignee of the regulated article;

(5) Identifying shipper's mark and number; and

(6) Number of the permit (if one was issued) authorizing the importation of the regulated article into the United States.

(d) Sampling for plant pests at port of first arrival. Any imported regulated article may be sampled for plant pests at the port of first arrival. If an inspector finds it necessary to order treatment of a regulated article at the port of first arrival, any sampling will be done prior to treatment.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0579-0049)
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