7 CFR § 760.650 - Calculating SURE.

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§ 760.650 Calculating SURE.

(a) Subject to the provision of this subpart, SURE payments for crop losses in crop year 2008 and subsequent crop years will be calculated as the amount equal to 60 percent of the difference between:

(1) The SURE guarantee, as specified in § 760.631, § 760.633 or § 760.634 of this subpart, and

(2) The total farm revenue, as specified in § 760.635.

(b) In addition to the other provisions of this subpart and subpart B of this part, SURE payments may be adjusted downward as necessary to insure compliance with the payment limitations in subpart B and to insure that payments do not exceed the maximum amount specified in § 760.108(a)(1) or (b)(1) or otherwise exceed the perceived intent of 19 U.S.C. 2497(j). Such adjustments can include, but are not limited to, adjustments to insure that there is no duplication of benefits as specified in § 760.108(c).