7 CFR § 799.42 - Contents of an EA.

§ 799.42 Contents of an EA.

(a) The EA should include at least the following:

(1) FSA cover sheet;

(2) Executive summary;

(3) Table of contents;

(4) List of acronyms;

(5) A discussion of the purpose of and need for the proposed action;

(6) A discussion of alternatives, if the proposed action involves unresolved conflicts concerning the uses of available resources;

(7) A discussion of the existing pre-project environment and the potential environmental impacts of the proposed action, with reference to the significance of the impact as specified in § 799.8 and 40 CFR 1508.27;

(8) Likelihood of any significant impact and potential mitigation measures that FSA will require, if needed, to support a FONSI;

(9) A list of preparers and contributors;

(10) A list of agencies, tribes, groups, and persons solicited for feedback and the process used to solicit that feedback;

(11) References; and

(12) Appendixes, if appropriate.

(b) FSA will prepare a Supplemental EA, and place the supplements in the administrative record of the original EA, if:

(1) Substantial changes occur in the proposed action that are relevant to environmental concerns previously presented, or

(2) Significant new circumstances or information arise that are relevant to environmental concerns and to the proposed action or its impacts.

(c) FSA may request that a program participant prepare or provide information for FSA to use in the EA and may use the program participant's information in the EA or Supplemental EA, provided that FSA also:

(1) Independently evaluates the environmental issues;

(2) Takes responsibility for the scope and content of the EA and the process utilized, including any required public involvement; and

(3) Prepares the FONSI or NOI to prepare an EIS.

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