9 CFR § 300.4 - Organizational terminology; personnel.

§ 300.4 Organizational terminology; personnel.

(a) Unless otherwise specifically provided or required in the context of a particular part of the regulations:

Administrator means the Administrator of the Food Safety and Inspection Service or any other officer or employee of the Department to whom authority has been or may in the future be delegated to act in his or her stead.

Circuit Supervisor means the official of the Inspection Service who is assigned responsibility for supervising the conduct of inspection at a specific group of official establishments.

Inspection program, inspection service, or program means the organizational unit within the Department with responsibility for carrying out the FMIA, the PPIA, and the EPIA.

Inspection program employee, inspection service employee, or program employee means an inspector or other government employee who is authorized to conduct any inspection or perform any other duty in connection with the inspection program, inspection service, or program.

Inspection service supervisor or Inspection program supervisor means an inspection program or service employee or program employee who is delegated authority to exercise supervision over one or more phases of the inspection program.

Inspector means an inspector of the inspection program, inspection service, and program. (“Inspector” includes an employee or official of the Federal government or the government of a State or territory or the District of Columbia who is authorized by the Administrator to inspect meat and meat products or poultry and poultry products under the authority of the FMIA or the PPIA, respectively, under an agreement entered into between the Administrator and the appropriate State or other agency.)

Inspector in charge or IIC means an inspection program employee, inspection service employee, or program employee who has primary responsibility for inspection program functions at a particular official establishment.

Secretary means the Secretary of Agriculture of the United States or his or her delegate.

(b) FSIS has replaced the regional office and import field office structure referenced in some parts of subchapter A of this chapter. Authority previously delegated to Regional Directors now is delegated to district managers; authority previously delegated to area supervisors and import supervisors now is delegated to inspection program supervisors in the successor district offices.

[69 FR 253, Jan. 5, 2004]

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