9 CFR § 354.101 - On a fee basis.

§ 354.101 On a fee basis.

(a) Unless otherwise provided in this part, the fees to be charged and collected for any service performed, in accordance with this part, on a fee basis shall be based on the applicable rates specified in this section.

(b) The charges for inspection service will be based on the time required to perform such services. The hourly rates shall be as specified in §§ 391.2 and 391.3 respectively for base time and for overtime or holiday work.

(c) Charges for certain laboratory analysis or laboratory examination of rabbits under this part related to inspection service shall be at the rate specified in § 391.4 for that part which is not covered under the base time, overtime, and/or holiday costs.

[41 FR 23702, June 11, 1976, as amended at 53 FR 13398, Apr. 22, 1988; 54 FR 6390, Feb. 10, 1989]

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