9 CFR § 362.5 - Fees and charges.

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§ 362.5 Fees and charges.

(a) Fees and charges for service under the regulations in this part shall be paid by the applicant for the service in accordance with this section, and, if required by the Administrator, the fees and charges shall be paid in advance.

(b) The fees and charges provided for in this section shall be paid by check, draft, or money order payable to the Treasurer of the United States and shall be remitted promptly to the Administrator upon furnishing to the applicant a statement as to the amount due.

(c) The fees to be charged and collected for service under the regulations in this part shall be at the rates specified in §§ 391.2, 391.3, and 391.4 respectively for base time; for overtime including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays; and for certain laboratory services which are not covered under the base time, overtime, and/or holiday costs. Such fees shall cover the costs of the services and shall be charged for the time required to render such service, including, but not limited to, the time required for the travel of the inspector or inspectors in connection therewith during the regularly scheduled administrative workweek.

(d) Charges may also be made to cover the cost of travel and other expenses incurred by the Service in connection with the furnishing of the service.

(e) Exporters that submit electronic export certificate applications will be charged a fee per application submitted.

(f) For each calendar year, FSIS will calculate the electronic export certificate application fee, using the following formula: Labor Costs (Technical Support Cost + Export Library Maintenance Cost) + Information Technology Costs (On-going operations Cost + Maintenance Cost + eAuthentication Cost), divided by the number of export applications.

(g) FSIS will publish notice of the electronic export certificate application fee annually in the Federal Register.

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