9 CFR § 590.146 - Application for continuous inspection in official plants; approval.

§ 590.146 Application for continuous inspection in official plants; approval.
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Any person desiring to process egg products under continuous inspection service must receive approval of such plant and facilities as an official plant prior to the installation of such service. An application for continuous inspection service to be installed in an official plant shall be approved according to the following procedure:

(a) Initial survey: When an application for continuous inspection in a plant has been filed, a supervisory egg products inspector will make a survey and inspection of the premises and plant to determine if the facilities and methods of operation therein are suitable and adequate for service in accordance with:

(1) These regulations, and

(2) Such other administrative instructions as may be issued from time to time by the Service and which are in effect at the time of the aforesaid survey and inspection.

(b) Drawings and specifications to be furnished:

(1) Applicants may obtain information or assistance as to the requirements before submitting prints of drawings, specifications, and supplemental information from the inspection service.

(2) Three copies of each print drawing as specified in this section of the complete floor plan, plot plan, supplemental information, and specifications shall be submitted. Sheet size of the print shall not exceed 34 by 44 inches, the wording shall be legible, all lines sharp and clear, and properly drawn to scale. Each print shall show the scale used, north point of the compass, and the firm name, street, city, state, and zip code or an accurate description of the location.

(3) Plot plan of entire premises shall include location of all buildings, railroads, roadways, alleys, wells, reservoirs, drains, catch basins, nearby buildings adjoining property, drainage and slope of terrain, character and surfacing of roadways, driveways, and vehicular loading areas. The plot plan may be drawn to a scale of one-thirty-second inch per foot.

(4) Floor plan prints shall include all space on each floor of the official plant, accurately illustrating and describing the facilities. Detailed drawings of processing area shall be drawn to a scale of one-fourth inch per foot. Prints showing only nonprocessing areas may be drawn to a scale of one-eighth inch per foot.

(5) Floor plans shall show the location of such features as walls, partitions, posts, doorways, windows, floor drains and channel drains, air systems, ventilation fans, principal pieces of equipment, storage tanks, hose connections for cleaning purposes, hand-washing facilities, lockers, and toilets. The prints shall show slope of floors to drains.

(6) The official plant shall include all processing rooms and other rooms used in the official plant, including but not being limited to the breaking room, equipment washing and sanitizing rooms, shell egg washing rooms, packaging rooms, shell egg and egg products storage rooms (including coolers, freezers, hot rooms), drying rooms, toilet and dressing rooms, storerooms for supplies, and all other rooms, compartments, or passageways where products or any ingredients to be used in the preparation of products under this service will be handled or kept and may include other rooms located in the building comprising the official plant. Except in public warehouses, all rooms, compartments, etc., of the building not to be considered as part of the official plant shall not have direct access into any part of the official plant.

(7) Supplemental information may be shown as notations on the drawings or on supplemental sheets. Supplemental information shall include clarifying information such as sequence of processing edible products, handling of inedible product, shell disposal, handling of packaging material, liquid pumping systems, cleaned-in-place systems, description of pasteurizer, description of drier, type and efficiency of air filtration, hot water facilities, sewage disposal, and such other notations as may be required.

(8) Specification sheets shall include height of ceilings and type construction, type of floors, and wall construction, wall and partition material, and number of employees who will use each toilet room and facilities.

(c) Upon approval of the prints of drawing, supplemental information, and specifications, the application for service may be approved.

(d) Changes and revisions of official plant: When changes are planned in official plant construction, facilities, and equipment covered by previously approved prints, revised prints shall be submitted for review and approval prior to making the changes by: A completely revised sheet(s) showing proposed alterations and additions or an overlay print drawn to same scale as print to be modified or revised. A final survey of the completed alterations and additions shall be made by the supervisory egg products inspector to determine if the changes are in accordance with approved drawings and the regulations.

(e) Final survey and plant approval: Prior to the inauguration of continuous inspection service, a final survey of the plant and premises shall be made by the supervisory egg products inspector to determine if the plant is constructed and facilities are installed in accordance with the approved drawings and these regulations. The plant may be approved only when these requirements have been met.

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