9 CFR § 590.720 - Disposition of restricted eggs.

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§ 590.720 Disposition of restricted eggs.

(a) Except as exempted in § 590.100, eggs classified as checks, dirts, incubator rejects, inedibles, leakers, or loss must be disposed of by one of the following methods at the point and time of segregation:

(1) Checks and dirts must be labeled in accordance with § 590.800 and shipped to an official plant for segregation and processing. Inedible and loss eggs must not be intermingled in the same container with checks and dirts.

(2) By destruction in a manner that clearly identifies the products as being inedible and not for human consumption, such as crushing and denaturing or decharacterizing in accordance with § 590.504(c)(1). The products must also be identified as “Inedible Egg Product-Not To Be Used As Human Food.”

(3) Processing for industrial use or for animal food. Such products must be handled in accordance with § 590.504(c) and identified as provided in §§ 590.840 and 590.860, or properly handled in a manner that clearly identifies the products as being inedible and not for human consumption and does not adulterate egg product intended for human consumption.

(4) By coloring the shells of loss and inedible eggs with a sufficient amount of an FDA-approved color additive to give a distinct appearance or applying a substance that will penetrate the shell and decharacterize the contents of the egg. However, lots of eggs containing significant percentages of eggs having small to medium blood spots or meat spots, but no other types of loss or inedible eggs, may be shipped directly to official plants, provided they are conspicuously labeled with the name and address of the shipper and the wording “Spots - For Processing Only In Official Egg Products Plants.”

(5) Incubator rejects must be broken or crushed and denatured or decharacterized in accordance with § 590.504(c)(1) and labeled as required in §§ 590.840 and 590.860.

(b) Eggs that are packed for the ultimate consumer and have been found to exceed the tolerance for restricted eggs permitted in the official standards for U.S. Consumer Grade B but have not been shipped for retail sale must be identified as required in §§ 590.800 and 590.860 and must be shipped directly or indirectly:

(1) To an official plant for proper segregation and processing; or

(2) Be re-graded so that they comply with the official standards; or

(3) Used as other than human food.

(c) Records must be maintained as provided in § 590.200 to ensure proper disposition.

[85 FR 68680, Oct. 29, 2020]

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