9 CFR 592.500 - Payment of fees and charges.

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§ 592.500 Payment of fees and charges.
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(a) Fees and charges for voluntary base time rate, overtime inspection service, and holiday inspection service shall be paid by the interested party making the application for such service, in accordance with the applicable provisions of this section and § 592.510 through § 592.530, both inclusive. If so required by the Inspection program personnel, such fees and charges shall be paid in advance.

(b) Fees and charges for any service shall, unless otherwise required pursuant to paragraph (c) of this section, be paid by check, draft, or money order payable to the Food Safety Inspection Service and remitted promptly to FSIS.

(c) Fees and charges for any service under a cooperative agreement with any State or person shall be paid in accordance with the terms of such cooperative agreement.