9 CFR 592.650 - Inspection.

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§ 592.650 Inspection.

Examinations of the ingredients, processing, and the product shall be made to ensure the production of a wholesome, unadulterated, and properly labeled product. Such examinations include, but are not being limited to:

(a) Sanitation checks of plant premises, facilities, equipment, and processing operations.

(b) Checks on ingredients and additives used in products to ensure that they are not adulterated, are fit for use as human food, and are stored, handled, and used in a sanitary manner.

(c) Examination of the eggs or egg products used in the products to ensure they are wholesome, not adulterated, and comply with the temperature, pasteurization, or other applicable requirements.

(d) Inspection during the processing and production of the product to determine compliance with any applicable standard or specification for such product.

(e) Examination during processing of the product to ensure compliance with approved formulas and labeling.

(f) Test weighing and organoleptic examinations of finished product.