3 AAC 53.720 - Definitions

Current through April 6, 2022

(a) Unless the context indicates otherwise, in 3 AAC 53.700 - 3 AAC 53.720,
(1) "bit rate" means the rate of transmission of telecommunications signals or intelligence in binary (two-state) form in bits per unit of time; for example, megabits per second (Mb/sec), kilobits per second (kb/sec);
(2) "commercially feasible" means equipment is available and its cost and installation are reasonable;
(3) "emerging technologies" means new or not fully developed methods of telecommunications;
(4) "E911 service" or "enhanced 911 service" means a service that provides call routing to an emergency response answering point based upon the calling telephone number, provides for the display of the physical location of the calling telephone at the answering point, and is authorized in AS 29.35.131-29.35.137;
(5) "intrastate interexchange carrier" means a carrier as defined in 3 AAC 52.340;
(6) "telephone company" means a carrier that provides telephone local exchange service as defined in 3 AAC 48.820;
(7) "telecommunications" has the meaning given in AS 42.05.990;
(8) "telecommunications provider" means a telephone company as defined in (6) of this subsection and an intrastate interexchange carrier as defined in 3 AAC 52.340 that is facilities based;
(9) "wireline service" means telecommunications service provided over telephone lines, characterized by a wire or wirelike connection carrying electricity or light between the subscriber and the public switched network, and implies a physical connection; although radio may form part of the circuit, radio may not be the major method of transmission, such as in radiotelephone.
(b) Definitions contained in 3 AAC 48.820, 3 AAC 52.340, and 3 AAC 52.399 also apply to the defined words as they are used in 3 AAC 53.700 - 3 AAC 53.720.


3 AAC 53.720
Eff. 3/15/96, Register 137

Authority:AS 42.05.141

AS 42.05.145

AS 42.05.151

AS 42.05.221

AS 42.05.241

AS 42.05.291

AS 42.05.311

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AS 42.05.800

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