Mich. Admin. Code R. 408.18610 - Availability of MIOSHA referenced standards

Rule 8610.

(1) The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) standards referenced in these rules are available at up to 5 copies of these standards at no charge from the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, MIOSHA Regulatory Services Section, 530 West Allegan Street, P.O. Box 30643, Lansing, Michigan, 48909-8143 or via the internet at website: www.michigan.gov/mioshastandards. For quantities greater than 5, the cost, at the time of adoption of these rules, is 4 cents per page.
(2) The following MIOSHA Construction Safety Standards (CS) are referenced in these rules:
(a) CS Part 6 "Personal Protective Equipment," R 408.40601 to R 408.40641.
(b) CS Part 9 "Excavation, Trenching, and Shoring," R 408.40901 to R 408.40953.
(c) CS Part 13 "Mobile Equipment," R 408.41301.
(d) CS Part 16 "Power Transmission and Distribution," R 408.41601 to R 408.41658.
(e) CS Part 22 "Signals, Signs, Tags, and Barricades," R 408.42201 to R 408.42243.
(3) The following MIOSHA General Industry Safety Standards (GI) are referenced in these rules:
(a) GI Part 13 "Derricks," R 408.11301.
(b) GI Part 19 "Crawler, Locomotive and Truck Cranes," R 408.11901 to R 408.11972.
(c) GI Part 20 "Underhung Cranes and Monorail Systems," R 408.12001 to R 408.12045.
(d) GI Part 37 "Accident Prevention Signs and Tags," R 408.13701 to R 408.13736.
(e) GI Part 38 "Hand and Portable Powered Tools," R 408.13801 to R 408.13882.
(f) GI Part 39 "Design Safety Standards for Electrical Systems," R 408.13901 to R 408.13902.
(g) GI Part 40 "Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices," R 408.14001 to R 408.14009.
(h) GI Part 49 "Slings," R 408.14901 to R 408.14965.
(i) GI Part 51 "Logging," R 408.15101 to R 408.15181.
(j) GI Part 59 "Helicopters," R 408.15901 to R 408.15931.
(k) GI Part 72 "Automotive Service Operations," R 408.17201 to R 408.17253.
(l) GI Part 85 "The Control of Hazardous Energy Sources," R 408.18501 to R 408.18599.
(m) GI Part 90 "Permit-Required Confined Spaces," R 408.19001 to R 408.19002.
(n) GI Part 92 "Hazard Communication," R 408.19201 to R 408.19204.
(4) The following MIOSHA General Industry Safety and Health Standards (GISH) are referenced in these rules:
(a) GISH Part 1 "General Provisions," R 408.10001 to R 408.10098.
(b) GISH Part 2 "Walking-Working Surfaces," R 408.10201 to R 408.10241.
(c) GISH Part 18 "Overhead and Gantry Cranes," R 408.11801 to R 408.11875.
(d) GISH Part 21 "Powered Industrial Trucks," R 408.12101 to R 408.12193.
(e) GISH Part 33 "Personal Protective Equipment," R 408.13301 to R 408.13398.
(f) GISH Part 50 "Telecommunications for General Industry," R 408.15001 to R 408.15004.
(5) The following MIOSHA Occupational Health Standards (OH) are referenced in these rules:
(a) OH Part 301 "Air Contaminants for General Industry," R 325.51101 to R 325.51108.
(b) OH Part 380 "Occupational Noise Exposure in General Industry," R 325.60101 to R 325.60128.
(c) OH Part 382 "Nonionizing Radiation," R 325.60701 to R 325.60704.
(d) OH Part 472 "Medical Services and First Aid," R 325.47201.
(e) OH Part 474 "Sanitation," R 325.47401 to R 325.47427.
(f) OH Part 520 "Ventilation Control," R 325.52001 to R 325.52012.
(g) OH Part 681 "Radiation of Construction: Ionizing and Nonionizing," R 325.68101 to R 325.68102.


Mich. Admin. Code R. 408.18610
2018 MR 3, Eff. 2/20/2018

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