N.J. Admin. Code § 7:9A-9.8 - Products in lieu of laterals and/or filter material

Current through Register Vol. 54, No. 7, April 4, 2022

(a) The Department shall maintain a list of products that may be used in lieu of laterals specified in 7:9A-9.5 and/or filter material specified in 7:9A-10.3(e) as acceptable alternatives to those specifications. For systems designed as pressure dosing networks (see 7:9A-9.6 ), these products may be used in lieu of the filter material only, and then only if the required laterals are securely installed within the specified product. These products may be used for a trench or bed configurations designed in accordance with this section in conventional, soil replacement-bottom lined, soil replacement-fill enclosed, mounded, and mounded soil replacement systems, designed in accordance with the requirements of N.J.A.C. 7:9A-10. Manufacturers of these products shall comply with the following:
1. Any manufacturer seeking listing of a product pursuant to this section shall submit a written request to the Department at the address identified at 7:9A-3.9(e) identifying that manufacturer. The written request shall include all results documenting structural integrity of the product evaluated in accordance with an American Association of State Highway and Traffic Officials (AASHTO) H-10 load rating (16,000 lbs/axle), incorporated by reference, as amended. AASHTO load rating methods can be obtained at http://transportation.org. The request shall additionally specify a means of installing inspection ports that will allow an inspector or system owner to determine the depth of wastewater within the product. Any other performance based certifications or approvals from other states that have been issued for the product should also be included with the request.
2. Manufacturers shall make available up-to-date training, design, installation and service manuals and materials to any administrative authority or the Department upon request.
3. Manufacturers shall comply with all requirements of this chapter and any requirements of any certification submitted in support of this listing, including the manufacture, design or construction standards for the product used in support of the AASHTO load rating report.
4. If a manufacturer of a product used in lieu of laterals and filter material wishes to allow for an alternative inlet invert elevation of 12 inches above the level of infiltration, required by N.J.A.C. 7:9A-10 for the various types of system designs, an alternative inlet invert may be requested by a manufacturer if it can be demonstrated to the Department that the product will provide an equivalent storage capacity provided by laterals and filter material in a standard system design. Alternative inlet invert heights will be specified in the list provided by the Department.
(b) Systems that are proposed to include products identified on the Department list developed in accordance with (a) above shall be designed by a septic system designer who is sufficiently knowledgeable of the product and installed by an authorized installer. A copy of the authorized installer's written certification as required in 7:9A-3.17 shall be available upon request.
(c) Any system containing these products shall be designed and installed in accordance with all manufacturer's specifications and recommendations and the minimum requirements of this chapter. The septic system designer shall certify on the plans that he or she is sufficiently knowledgeable of the technology to design the system being proposed.
(d) The minimum area of the disposal field shall be calculated in accordance with 7:9A-10.2. The product shall be designed in accordance to the manufacturer's recommendations. If the manufacturer recommends a specified spacing between product units, the disposal area does not need to be increased provided the spacing does not exceed six inches. If the soil between the units does not have the capacity to become saturated or spacing of the units exceeds six inches, the minimum disposal area must equal the bottom area of the units only, not including the space between the units.
(e) When pressure dosing is specified, a distribution pipe meeting the requirements of 7:9A-9.6 shall be installed according to manufacturer's instructions. Holes in the distribution pipe shall face up at an angle consistent with manufacturer's instructions.
(f) Inspection ports shall be installed in the four corners of the disposal area within the product. When individual rows of the product are not immediately adjoining or are not interconnected at both ends within four inches of the level of infiltration, inspection ports shall be installed in each end of each row of these products.
(g) Drainage fabric required at 7:9A-10.3(e)3 may be omitted for those products where the manufacturer has specified in the design standards that drainage fabric is not required and that the product is designed to prevent soil material above the product from migrating into the product and to the level of infiltration.
(h) When a disposal bed with a distribution box is proposed, in lieu of 7:9A-9.4(a)2 i, the distribution box shall be installed within two feet of the disposal bed using the criteria specified in 7:9A-9.4(a)2 ii.


N.J. Admin. Code § 7:9A-9.8
New Rule, R.2012 d.066, effective 4/2/2012.
See: 43 N.J.R. 478(a), 44 N.J.R. 1047(a).

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