R331-5-4 - Offering Circular Requirements

R331-5-4. Offering Circular Requirements

(1) General

No person subject to the jurisdiction of the department shall issue, offer, offer to sell, offer for sale or sell, directly or indirectly, any security issued by it unless the offer or sale is made through the use of an offering circular which has been filed and declared effective pursuant to this rule.

(2) Communications not deemed an offer

The following communications shall not be deemed an offer:

(a) Prior to filing an offering circular, any notice of a proposed offering which satisfies the requirements of SEC Rule 135, Notice of Certain Proposed Offerings, 17 CFR 230.135(1993); and

(b) Subsequent to filing an offering circular, any notice, circular, advertisement, letter, or other communication published or transmitted to any person which satisfies the requirements of SEC Rule 134, Communications Not Deemed a Prospectus, 17 CFR 230.134(1993).

(3) Preliminary offering circular

A preliminary offering circular may be used prior to the effective date of the offering circular if:

(a) The preliminary offering circular has been filed pursuant to this rule;

(b) The preliminary offering circular includes the information required by this rule, except for the information relating to offering price, discounts or commissions, amount of proceeds, conversion rates, call prices, or other matters dependent on the offering price; and

(c) The offering circular declared effective by the department is furnished to the purchaser prior to any sale.

(4) Form and Content

Any offering circular or amendment filed pursuant to this rule shall comply with the information requirements of Section (b) of the Securities and Exchange Commission Rule 502, General Conditions to be Met, 17 CFR 230.502(1993).

(5) Number of Copies

Any filing shall include three copies of each document to be filed with the department. After the effective date of an offering circular, an offering circular which varies from the form previously filed shall not be used, unless it includes only non-material supplemental or additional information and until three copies have been filed with the department.

(6) Effective Date

An offering circular filed with the department is effective on the tenth day after filing. Upon request, the commissioner may declare an earlier effective date if he is satisfied that the offering circular is adequate and that the earlier effective date does not materially prejudice any party in interest. Exceptions include:

(a) If any amendment is filed prior to the effective date, the offering circular shall be deemed to have been filed when such amendment was filed;

(b) If a duly authorized amendment, telegram confirmed in writing, or letter states that the effective date is delayed until a further amendment is filed stating specifically that the offering circular will become effective in accordance with this paragraph; or

(c) If it appears to the department at any time that the offering circular is incomplete or inaccurate in any material respect, the department may determine to declare the offering circular not effective until a materially complete and accurate amendment is filed.

(7) Use of the offering circular

(a) An offering circular or amendment declared effective by the department shall not be used more than nine months after the effective date, unless the information contained therein is as of a date not more than sixteen months prior to such use.

(b) An offering circular filed under this rule shall not extend the period for which an effective offering circular or amendment may be used under Subsection (c).

(c) No offering circular shall be used and no offer or sale of securities subject to the offering circular requirements of this department shall be made subsequent to any material change in an issuer's business operations or financial condition, until the offering circular has been amended to include information as to the material changes and the amended offering circular has been filed with and declared effective by the department.

(8) Withdrawal or abandonment

(a) Any offering circular, amendment, or exhibit may be withdrawn prior to the effective date. A withdrawal shall be signed and state fully the grounds upon which it is made. Any documents withdrawn will not be removed from the files of the department, but will be marked "Withdrawn upon the request of the issuer on (date)."

(b) When an offering circular or amendment has been on file with the department for a period of nine months and has not become effective the department may, in its discretion, determine whether the filing has been abandoned, after notifying the issuer that the filing is out of date and must either be amended to comply with the applicable requirements of this rule or be withdrawn within 30 days after the date of such notice. Where a filing is abandoned, the documents will not be removed from the files of the department, but will be marked "Declared abandoned by the department on (date)."

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