R434-100-6 - Contract Requirements

R434-100-6. Contract Requirements

To obtain a state recommendation that the visa waiver is in the public interest, the contract that the applicant submits must meet the following criteria:

(1) The contract must be for employment at a health care facility:

(a) to work as a primary care physician located within a federally designated primary care Health Professional Shortage Area or to work as a subspecialty care physician serving medically needy population;

(b) that has been operating for at least one year;

(c) whose principals are free from default on any federal or state scholarship or loan repayment program offered by the National Health Service Corps or by the state under Title 26, Chapter 46;

(d) that it or its principals are not under investigation for, under probation for, or under restriction for:

(i) Medicaid or Medicare fraud;

(ii) violations of Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing statute or rules; or

(iii) other violations of law that may indicate that it may not be in the public interest that a waiver of the two-year home residency requirement be granted.

(e) that accepts all Medicaid, Medicare, Children's Health Insurance Program, Primary Care Network and Utah Medical Assistance Program eligible patients; and

(f) that implements a sliding fee scale, payment schedule, or similar method that demonstrates that it provides discounts to medically indigent patients.

(2) The contract must provide:

(a) that the physician agrees to meet the requirements set forth in section 214(k) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, 8 USC 1184(k);

(b) the specific address of the health care facility where the physician will practice medicine;

(c) a description of the geographic area that will be served by the physician;

(d) that the physician agrees to work an annual full-time equivalency of 40 hours in patient care per week;

(e) for an obligation committing both parties to three years of employment; and

(f) that the physician agrees to begin employment at the health care facility within ninety (90) days of the waiver being granted;

(3) The contract shall not contain a "non competition" clause or other provision that would discourage or inhibit the physician from working anywhere in the state upon termination of his employment with the health care facility.

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