Utah Admin. Code R58-11-9 - Producer and Grower Sharing a Fixed Facility

(1) Each producer or grower shall comply with the laws and regulations governing establishments as set forth in Title 4, Chapter 32, Utah Meat and Poultry and Poultry Products Inspection and Licensing Act, this rule, the United States Department of Agriculture Poultry Exemptions, and federal regulations that apply.
(2) The poultry producer or grower shall hold a valid Custom Exempt Meat Establishment License (2202) issued by the department. The individual who holds the 2202 license shall be present when slaughter and processing operations are being performed.
(3) The department shall be notified five business days prior to slaughtering and processing. The individual shall provide the department with the following information pertaining to the slaughtering and processing of birds:
(a) the date;
(b) the time; and
(c) the location.
(4) The producer or grower shall:
(a) conduct a pre-operational inspection on any food-contact surfaces;
(b) document the findings of the pre-operational inspection and corrective actions pursuant to 9 CFR 416.12(a) and 416.15 prior to the commencement of operations;
(c) maintain records for at least one year and have them available for inspection by department officials;
(d) fully label product in accordance with this rule before leaving the facility;
(e) maintain the product temperature at 40 degrees F or less during transport; and
(f) keep a written recall plan pursuant to 9 CFR 418 and have it available for inspection by department officials.
(5) Producers or growers shall not process on the same day as any other producer or grower.


Utah Admin. Code R58-11-9
Adopted by Utah State Bulletin Number 2015-24, effective 11/23/2015 Amended by Utah State Bulletin Number 2021-09, effective 4/12/2021 Amended by Utah State Bulletin Number 2022-03, effective 1/12/2022

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