Utah Admin. Code R70-350-5 - Pasteurization and Sanitation

(1) Pasteurization.
(a) Each frozen dairy food product defined in this rule shall be pasteurized by heating each particle of the product to at least 155 degrees F and holding at that temperature or above for at least 30 minutes under the required safeguards in approved equipment as outlined in the 3-A sanitary standards and accepted practice.
(b) Any other pasteurization method that is demonstrated to be equally efficient may be used if approved by the department.
(c) Time and temperature record charts for pasteurization shall be dated and kept for a period of at least six months at the plant of manufacture.
(2) Reconstitution.
(a) When water must be used to reconstitute any defined product, the frozen dairy product shall be pasteurized after being reconstituted; or
(b) the frozen dairy product shall be reconstituted by pouring the concentrate or dry mix from the factory-packed container into a properly constructed, clean, and sanitized container.
(3) Cooling.

Liquid ingredients that will support bacterial growth shall be kept or immediately cooled to 40 degrees F or below.

(4) Sanitation. Any manufacturing, processing, storage, distribution, or handling of any frozen dairy food or frozen dairy food mix shall be done in buildings or other approved facilities using utensils, equipment, and methods that are approved by the department or other authorized regulatory agency.


Utah Admin. Code R70-350-5
Amended by Utah State Bulletin Number 2023-01, effective 12/15/2022

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