TITLE R392 - Disease Control and Prevention, Environmental Services (R392-100-1 to R392-800-11)

  1. RULE R392-100 - Food Service Sanitation (R392-100-1 to R392-100-5)
  2. RULE R392-101 - Food Safety Manager Certification (R392-101-1 to R392-101-9)
  3. RULE R392-102 - Food Truck Sanitation (R392-102-1 to R392-102-16)
  4. RULE R392-103 - Food Handler Training and Certificate (R392-103-1 to R392-103-8)
  5. RULE R392-104 - Feeding Disadvantaged Groups (R392-104-1 to R392-104-5)
  6. RULE R392-105 - Agritourism Food Establishment Sanitation (R392-105-1 to R392-105-15)
  7. RULE R392-110 - Food Service Sanitation in Residential Care Facilities (R392-110-1 to R392-110-5)
  8. RULE R392-200 - Design, Construction, Operation, Sanitation, and Safety of Schools (R392-200-1 to R392-200-10)
  9. RULE R392-300 - Recreation Camp Sanitation (R392-300-1 to R392-300-15)
  10. RULE R392-301 - Recreational Vehicle Park Sanitation (R392-301-1 to R392-301-13)
  11. RULE R392-302 - Design, Construction and Operation of Public Pools (R392-302-1 to R392-302-39)
  12. RULE R392-303 - Public Geothermal Pools and Bathing Places (R392-303-1 to R392-303-25)
  13. RULE R392-400 - Temporary Mass Gatherings Sanitation (R392-400-1 to R392-400-18)
  14. RULE R392-401 - Roadway Rest Stop Sanitation (R392-401-1 to R392-401-11)
  15. RULE R392-402 - Manufactured Home Community Sanitation (R392-402-1 to R392-402-13)
  16. RULE R392-501 - Temporary Labor Community Sanitation (R392-501-1 to R392-501-18)
  17. RULE R392-502 - Hotel, Motel and Resort Sanitation (R392-502-1 to R392-502-17)
  18. RULE R392-510 - Utah Indoor Clean Air Act (R392-510-1 to R392-510-17)
  19. RULE R392-600 - Illegal Drug Operations Decontamination Standards (R392-600-1 to R392-600-8)
  20. RULE R392-700 - Indoor Tanning Bed Sanitation (R392-700-1 to R392-700-12)
  21. RULE R392-702 - Cosmetology Facility Sanitation (R392-702-1 to R392-702-14)
  22. RULE R392-800 - General Sanitation in Public Places (R392-800-1 to R392-800-11)

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