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19 U.S. Code § 1671g - Effect of derogation of Export-Import Bank financing

Nothing in this subtitle shall be interpreted as superseding the provisions of section 635a–3 of title 12, except that in the event of an assessment of duty based on a derogation under section 1671e of this title or action under section 1671b(d)(1)(B) of this title, the Secretary of the Treasury shall not authorize the Bank to provide guarantees, insurance and credits to competing United States sellers pursuant to section 635a–3 of title 12.

(June 17, 1930, ch. 497, title VII, § 708, as added Pub. L. 98–181, title I [title VI, § 650(c)], Nov. 30, 1983, 97 Stat. 1266; amended Pub. L. 99–514, title XVIII, § 1886(a)(6)(A), Oct. 22, 1986, 100 Stat. 2922; Pub. L. 103–465, title II, § 264(c)(11), Dec. 8, 1994, 108 Stat. 4914.)
Editorial Notes

1994—Pub. L. 103–465 substituted “1671b(d)(1)(B)” for “1671b(d)(2)”.

1986—Pub. L. 99–514 added section catchline.

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Effective Date of 1994 Amendment

Amendment by Pub. L. 103–465 effective, except as otherwise provided, on the date on which the WTO Agreement enters into force with respect to the United States (Jan. 1, 1995), and applicable with respect to investigations, reviews, and inquiries initiated and petitions filed under specified provisions of this chapter after such date, see section 291 of Pub. L. 103–465, set out as a note under section 1671 of this title.

Plan Amendments Not Required Until January 1, 1989

For provisions directing that if any amendments made by subtitle A or subtitle C of title XI [§§ 1101–1147 and 1171–1177] or title XVIII [§§ 1801–1899A] of Pub. L. 99–514 require an amendment to any plan, such plan amendment shall not be required to be made before the first plan year beginning on or after Jan. 1, 1989, see section 1140 of Pub. L. 99–514, as amended, set out as a note under section 401 of Title 26, Internal Revenue Code.