42 U.S. Code § 7177 - Access to information

The Secretary, each officer of the Department, and each Federal agency shall provide to the Commission, upon request, such existing information in the possession of the Department or other Federal agency as the Commission determines is necessary to carry out its responsibilities under this chapter.
The Secretary, in formulating the information to be requested in the reports or investigations under section 825c and section 825j of title 16 and section 717i and section 717j of title 15 shall include in such reports and investigations such specific information as requested by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and copies of all reports, information, results of investigations and data under said sections shall be furnished by the Secretary to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
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This chapter, referred to in subsec. (a), was in the original “this Act”, meaning Pub. L. 95–91, Aug. 4, 1977, 91 Stat. 565, as amended, known as the Department of Energy Organization Act, which is classified principally to this chapter. For complete classification of this Act to the Code, see Short Title note set out under section 7101 of this title and Tables.

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COST-OF-SERVICE FILING REQUIREMENTS'}, {'part': '347', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/18/part-347', 'headtext': 'OIL PIPELINE DEPRECIATION STUDIES'}, {'part': '348', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/18/part-348', 'headtext': 'OIL PIPELINE APPLICATIONS FOR MARKET POWER DETERMINATIONS'}, {'part': '349', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/18/part-349', 'headtext': 'DISPOSITION OF CONTESTED AUDIT FINDINGS AND PROPOSED REMEDIES'}, {'part': '356', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/18/part-356', 'headtext': 'PRESERVATION OF RECORDS FOR OIL PIPELINE COMPANIES'}, {'part': '357', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/18/part-357', 'headtext': 'ANNUAL SPECIAL OR PERIODIC REPORTS: CARRIERS SUBJECT TO PART I OF THE INTERSTATE COMMERCE ACT'}, {'part': '358', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/18/part-358', 'headtext': 'STANDARDS OF CONDUCT'}, {'part': '375', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/18/part-375', 'headtext': 'THE COMMISSION'}, {'part': '376', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/18/part-376', 'headtext': 'ORGANIZATION, MISSION, AND FUNCTIONS; OPERATIONS DURING EMERGENCY CONDITIONS'}, {'part': '380', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/18/part-380', 'headtext': 'REGULATIONS IMPLEMENTING THE NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY ACT'}, {'part': '381', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/18/part-381', 'headtext': 'FEES'}, {'part': '382', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/18/part-382', 'headtext': 'ANNUAL CHARGES'}, {'part': '385', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/18/part-385', 'headtext': 'RULES OF PRACTICE AND PROCEDURE'}, {'part': '388', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/18/part-388', 'headtext': 'INFORMATION AND REQUESTS'}, {'part': '390', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/18/part-390', 'headtext': 'ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION'}, {'part': '821', 'cleanpath': '/cfr/text/18/part-821', 'headtext': ''}]}], 'section': '7177'}