42 U.S. Code § 7276 - Regulations to require integrated resource planning

(a) Regulations

Within 1 year after October 24, 1992, the Administrator shall, by regulation, revise the Final Amended Guidelines and Acceptance Criteria for Customer Conservation and Renewable Energy Programs published in the Federal Register on August 21, 1985 (50 F.R. 33892), or any subsequent amendments thereto, to require each customer purchasing electric energy under a long-term firm power service contract with the Western Area Power Administration to implement, within 3 years after October 24, 1992, integrated resource planning in accordance with the requirements of sections 7275 to 7276c of this title.

(b) Certain small customers

Notwithstanding subsection (a), for customers with total annual energy sales or usage of 25 Gigawatt Hours or less which are not members of a joint action agency or a generation and transmission cooperative with power supply responsibility, the Administrator may establish different regulations and apply such regulations to customers that the Administrator finds have limited economic, managerial, and resource capability to conduct integrated resource planning. The regulations under this subsection shall require such customers to consider all reasonable opportunities to meet their future energy service requirements using demand-side techniques, new renewable resources and other programs that will provide retail customers with electricity at the lowest possible cost, and minimize, to the extent practicable, adverse environmental effects.


Section was enacted as part of the Hoover Power Plant Act of 1984, and not as part of the Department of Energy Organization Act which comprises this chapter.

Prior Provisions

A prior section 7276, Pub. L. 98–381, title II, § 202, Aug. 17, 1984, 98 Stat. 1341, related to regulations of Western Area Power Administration, including amendment of regulations after notice and comment, evaluation of energy conservation programs, and allowance by Western for incorporation of elements of such programs, prior to the general amendment of title II of Pub. L. 98–381 by section 114 of Pub. L. 102–486.