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46 U.S. Code § 11106 - Wages on justifiable complaint of seamen

Before a seaman on a vessel of the United States is discharged in a foreign country by a consular officer on the seaman’s complaint that the agreement required by this part has been breached because the vessel is badly provisioned or unseaworthy, or against the officers for cruel treatment, the officer shall inquire about the complaint. If satisfied of the justice of the complaint, the consular officer shall require the master to pay the wages due the seaman plus one month’s additional wages and shall discharge the seaman. The master shall provide the seaman with employment on another vessel or provide the seaman with passage on another vessel to the port of original engagement, to the most convenient port of the United States, or to some port agreeable to the seaman.
When a vessel does not have sufficient provisions for the intended voyage, and the seaman has been forced to accept a reduced ration or provisions that are bad in quality or unfit for use, the seaman is entitled to recover from the master or owner an allowance, as additional wages, that the court hearing the case considers reasonable.
Subsection (b) of this section does not apply when the reduction in rations was for a period during which the seaman willfully and without sufficient cause failed to perform duties or was lawfully under confinement on board or on shore for misconduct, unless that reduction can be shown to have been unreasonable.
Subsection (b) of this section does not apply to a fishing or whaling vessel or a yacht.
(Pub. L. 98–89, Aug. 26, 1983, 97 Stat. 579.)

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Section 11106 provides compensation to seamen on United States vessels when a shipping agreement is breached. It does not apply to fishing vessels, whaling vessels or yachts.