46 U.S. Code § 5106. Load line certificate

On finding that a load line survey of a vessel under this chapter is satisfactory and that the vessel’s load lines are marked correctly, the Secretary shall issue the vessel a load line certificate and deliver it to the owner, master, or individual in charge of the vessel.
The certificate shall be maintained as required by the Secretary.
Historical and Revision Notes

Revised section 5106

Source: Section (U.S. Code) 46 App. U.S.C. 86c.

Section 5106(a) requires the Secretary to issue a load line certificate upon finding that a vessel has received a satisfactory load line survey and that the vessel’s load line is marked correctly.

Section 5106(b) requires that the load line certificate be maintained as required by the Secretary of Transportation. It is expected that the Secretary will require in most cases that the certificate be carried on board the vessel. However, certain types of vessels such as barges do not have facilities for the carriage of certificates. In this case, this provision would give the Secretary the discretion to require that the certificates for the barges be carried on the towing vessels.